2014 October

Four new Attic Apartments on Museokatu are nearly completed

2014 August

New office Address was changed to "contacts"

2014 April

Liisankatu Attic Apartment A41 was added to "works"

2014 March

New images of Liisankatu Staircases and C Apartments was added to "works"

2014 January

Liisankatu Attic Apartmens was a candidate for "Rakentamisen Ruusu" (=rose for a construction) by Helsinki Building Control Department. Attic A40 was added to "works"

2014 January

Exhibition "12 Dreams of Architecture" was opened January 9th with first duo lecture by KF and EL in the auditorium of The Nordic House

2013 > 2014

Happy New Year!

2013 December

12 dreams of architecture, exhibition about unrealised works will soon open in The Nordic House,

Reykjavik, Iceland. See: http://www.nordichouse.is/the-nordic-house/news/nr/1898

2013 September

DIIVAN magazine October issue presents Liisankatu A40 attick apartment on pages 40-48.

2013 August

Atelje Mäkilä approaching habitation.

2013 July

"Die besten Einfamilienhäuser aus Holz" by CALLWEY publishers presents Villa Palokärki

("Haus Schwarzspecht") on pages 47-52, among 30 projects from Europe, as one of the two projects from Scandinavia!

2013 June

Summertime again!

2013 April

Atelje Mäkilä interior works under construction.

2013 March

"New Atlantis II" and "Building for the Visual Arts" added to Assorted.

2013 February

Liisankatu, Helsinki, five attic apartments are being inhabited.

2012 December

New Section - Assorted - added to the left Menu with two projects.

2012 November

Atelje Mäkilä work continues in spite of heavy weather conditions.

2012 October

Atelje Mäkilä is under construction.

Old watertower peeps behind the box frame construction.

2012 September

1939 built s/y Vega starts it's well deserved 74th docking season at Särkkä, place that was home harbor for the 1952 Summer Olympics sailing races as well as prize giving ceremony sixty years ago!

2012 August

Seasons last sailing race was taking place in Kruununvuorenselkä.

Uspenski Cathedral guarding in the background.

2012 July

Peaceful summertime!

2012 June

Italian magazine "CASA GREEN" presents LOFT 28 on pages 67-69. See WORKS:

Hannus Attic 28

2012 May

ARK 2/2012 presents "small scale" projects. Villa Palokärki on pages 32-35.

2012 April

Villa Palokärki added to "works" section.

2012 March

Over 7700 visitors from 46 countries on our pages. Thank You All!

2011 December - 2012


2011 November

The official inauguration of Kuopio prison was held 10th of November with Minister of Justice, Finland. The annex has been in use since August 2010 and the restoration of the old prison (built 1889) was completed in October.

2011 October

Italian magazine "il CAMINO" #126 presents Humlegår House as cover article (on pages 18-23).

Use your QR reader for more information or link from here: ilCAMINO

2011 October

1000x European Architecture presents 7 projects built in Finland, Humlegård House included.

Will be released soon by Braun Publishin AG.

2011 September

Humlegård House is among 33 homes introduced in new book "HOUSES IN FINLAND" published by Rakennustieto in Finland. To be released early November. ISBN 978-951-682-947-3

2011 August

DIIVAN magazine August issue 6/2011 published Huvilakatu 28 attick apartment on pages 42-49

New images added in "WORKS" section

2011 July

Pages updated to allow touchscreen navigation of images (touch imagestrips in WORKS and COMPETITIONS)

Summer greetings!

2011 June

The Best School in the World-exhibition opens at the Museum of Finnish Architecture with Sakarinmaki School

(invited competition 2002 Friman, Laaksonen, Nieminen, completed by our previous office FLN Oy in 2005)

2011 May

Over 7000 visitors from 46 countries on our pages www.fl-a.fi

2010 December

Two projects added to "works" section

2010 November

LOGOS edizioni, italian publisher included Humlegård House in a book "INTERNI COUNTRY".

2010 November

Huvilakatu, Helsinki, attic apartments are being inhabited. See images of recently completed loft:


2010 October

"Humlegård House" is among 4 entries from Finland in a new book:

"Atlas of World Interior Design" by Braun Publishin AG.

2010 September

Two new Attic apartments in Huvilakatu are near being completed.

"kodan" was added to the "competitions" section.

2010 August

Kuopio Prison Annex is in use and the restoration of the old "castle" has started.

2010 July

Long and HOT summer holidays in Finland!

2010 May

LOFT Publications book "WOOD Houses" was released with Humlegård House on 12 pages (40-51).

2010 March

Over 6000 visitors on our pages www.fl-a.fi

2010 January / February

Italian magazine "Casamica" issue 1-2010 published "Cuore Naturale" / Humlegård House on pages 114-119

2009 September

Two competition entries was added to the "competitions" section

2009 August

Construction of Kuopio prison annex is on the way.

2009 July

Refreshing summer holidays!

2009 June

Braun Publishing Publication "Collection: Houses" was released with Humlegård House on pages 28-31.

2009 May

friman.laaksonen was invited to competition of "Mårtenbro skola och daghem". The entry was submitted on week 19.

2009 April

-"0607" Finnish Architecture exhibition opens at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen. Duplicate exhibition was opened the same day in St. Petersburg Sculpture Museum as a part of "The Finnish creative: design and architecture event".

2009 March

Estonian magazine "DIIVAN" February 2009 issue, presents House Humlegård on pages 44-50.

2009 February

"Finnish Architecture 0607" with House Humlegård opens in Rome, Casa Dell'Archittettura. See: http://www.casadellarchitettura.it

2009 January

"Rustet for nordisk vær", article of Humlegård House online in Norwegian www.klikk.no

2008 December - 2009 January


2008 November

-"0607" Finnish Architecture exhibition with House Humlegård opens at the Museum of Estonian Architecture (Eesti Arhitektuurimuuseum in Rotermann's Salt Storage - arts centre - Ahtri 2) in Tallinn. See http://www.arhitektuurimuuseum.ee

2008 September

"TULESSA SYNTYNYT" Exhibition design added to WORKS section

2008 September

INTERNI (RU) magazine, September issue No 6, presents Humlegård House on pages 72-79.

2008 September

The "Ultima Thule" exhibition is presented in ARK 4/2008 article "The framework of exhibitions", among "successful Finnish exhibition settings in recent years". See: www.ark.fi

2008 September

Spaces (UK) magazine, September issue 26, features Humlegård House (SPRUCED UP NICELY, pages 70-79) among "inspiring international homes". See: www.spacesmagazine.co.uk

2008 August

"FINLAND Humlegård House" article was published in Architecture Plus (a+, Architecture of a New World, Dubai) Magazine vol. 20 (In House Section, pages 56-60). See www.arcplusonline.com

2008 July

Online magazine Demanio:re published Humlegård House. See: demaniore.com

2008 July

Online magazine DeZona published the Villa Hannu's. See: dezona.com

2008 July

"Ullanlinnankatu apartment renovation" added to WORKS section

2008 June

"Humlegård House - Braving the elements" article was published on www.thecoolhunter.net pages. To read the full article, go to the article

2008 June

Online magazine DeZona published the Humlegår House. See: dezona.com

2008 June

-"0607" Finnish Architecture exhibition with House Humlegård opens at the Museum of Finnish architecture in Helsinki and as "Architecture Finlandaise sélection 2006-2007" at the Cité de L'architecture & Du Patrimoine in Paris

2008 May

-"tulessa syntynyt" international ceramic exhibition designed by KF opens in Fiskars, Finland

2008 April

-"City Home" exhibition with Villa Hannu's opens in Budapest Galeria, Budapest, Hungary. KF gives a lecture at the FINNAGORA seminar

2008 March

-House Humlegård published in Design Lab section of Project Baltia magazine 01 08 (pages 106-110)

2008 March

-EL gives a lecture at DOCOMOMO Ljubljana, Slovenia

2008 March

-"City Home" exhibition with Villa Hannu's opens in Design Factory, Bratislava, Slovakia

2008 February

-House Humlegård among "Fresh top architecture – 25 designs selected for Finnish Architecture 0607 exhibition"

2008 January

-"City Home" exhibition with Villa Hannu's opens in Praque at the Czech Centre

2007 December - 2008


2007 November

-friman.laaksonen entry "basis" receives first place in an invited competition of the Leppävaara Spa

2007 October

-EL teaches as a visiting professor at the University of Adelaide and gives a lecture at Tasmanian School of Art

2007 September

-invited to Architectural Competition of Leppävaara Swimming Hall restoration and new open-air swimming pool area

2007 June

-KAUPUNKIKOTI - exhibition with Villa Hannu's was opened at the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki

2006 November

-friman.laaksonen entry "closed/open" participated in an International Competition for the Design of The Stockholm City Library in Sweden among 1 170 entries

2006 September

-opening of the "City Home" exhibition in Venice with new wooden model of Villa Hannu's

2006 August

-friman.laaksonen competition entries "Mezaparks" and "Daugava Embankment" for Riga, Latvia were chosen to be part of Latvia's presentation of "planning situation in Riga" at the 10th International Architectural Biennale in Venice, Italy

2006 April

-Villa Hannu's built in Helsinki was chosen to be part of the Museum of Finnish Architecture exhibition "Cities, Architecture and society" in the Alvar Aalto pavilion at the the 10th International Architectural Biennale in Venice, Italy

2006 March

-friman.laaksonen entry "XO2006" participated in an International Competition for the Design of The Gyeonggi-do Jeongok Prehistory Museum in Korea among 349 entries

2006 March

-Siilinjärvi Spa and Leisure Center exhibited in "Architecture in Finland", Addis Abeba City Hall, Ethiopia

2006 February

-friman.laaksonen competition entry was among runner up entries in the open architectural competition of Kirkkojärvi school, Espoo

2006 January

-friman.laaksonen competition entry "kivi kive sisu" received purchase prize in open International architectural competition of new National Museum of Eesti in Tartu (109 entries, three prizes, four purchases)